What makes our team the best fit for the job?

Our truck maintenance shop is top-rated for a reason. Our clients trust us for DOT inspections and ongoing truck maintenance because we:

  • Offer quick turnaround times
  • Have many years of experience
  • Offer quality work at competitive pricing

Plus, you'll be in constant contact with the owner of our company from start to finish.

Don't Ignore Automotive Issues

Choose the preferred truck maintenance shop in North Liberty, IA

Commercial-grade trucks require frequent maintenance to perform at their best. While standard auto shops are great for passenger vehicles, they aren't the best fit for medium-duty trucks or trailers. Bring your vehicle to 965 Service instead. Our truck maintenance shop in North Liberty, IA offers oil changes, general repairs and inspection services.

You can trust our mechanics to keep every vehicle in your fleet running properly. Contact us now to schedule fleet repairs, auto repairs, or trailer repairs.

Get trustworthy solutions from expert mechanics

What makes our shop stand out from the competition? One word: honesty. We have integrity, so we never recommend parts or services that our clients don't need. You'll feel at ease knowing that the service you came in for is the service you'll receive.

Call us today if you have any questions about our truck, equipment or trailer repair services.